Louis C.K.-Pamela Adlon Comedy 'Better Things' Gets FX Series Order - Deadline

Louie creator/star Louis C.K. is further expanding his FX portfolio with a third series. The cable network has picked up to series Better Things, the comedy pilot from C.K. and his longtime friend and frequent collaborator, Louie's Pamela Adlon. Created by Adlon and CK and starring Adlon, Better Things marks FX's first comedy series with a solo female lead.

FX logoBetter Things is a semi-autobiographical vehicle for Adlon similar to the way Louie is for CK. It centers on Sam (Adlon), a working actor with no filter trying to earn a living, navigate her daughters' lives, have fun with a friend or two and also -- just maybe -- squeeze in some private time once in a while. Mikey Madison, Riley Watson, and Olivia Edward co-star as the three daughters.

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Adlon and C.K., who wrote the pilot directed by C.K., executive produce alongside Blair Breard, Dave Becky and 3 Arts Entertainment. C.K.'s production company Pig Newton is producing for FX Productions, where the company is under an overall deal. This marks C.K.'s third comedy series for FX, joining Louie and the upcoming Baskets starring Zach Galafianakis.

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"Pamela is one of the sharpest and most endearing actresses working in television today, and we are thrilled she has joined forces with Louis to create a series that is raw, personal and incredibly funny," said FX's Eric Schrier.

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Adlon is nominated for an Emmy for guest actress in a comedy series for her recurring role on Louie as Louie's friend and love interest. She has received two Emmy nominations for Louie and won an Emmy for her voice-over performance on King Of The Hill.

LaTroy Hawkins now 13th pitcher to record save against every team - CBSSports.com


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LaTroy Hawkins now 13th pitcher to be able to record save against each along with every team - CBSSports.com

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Singapore's miracle economy wrestles with immigration in jubilee year - The Fiscal Times

Restrictions in foreign workers have got worsened any labor crunch, specially inside the manufacturing, solutions and construction sectors, in a country much more recognized for its business-friendly policies. However progress inside the next couple associated with years is going to be much less momentous. Through 2025, the populace could contract. In case we haven't any foreign workers, our economy suffers, our personal lives suffer. "However, achieving even three percent growth on average is planning to be an growing challenge, as our labor force slows down within the a lengthy time for you to come," Tharman said, adding that the slowdown will be significant.Singapore-based conglomerate Keppel Corp Ltd , among the actual world's largest offshore rig builders, mentioned final month it has invested within its overseas facilities to end up being able to increase production capability, unable to meet its labor needs locally."Some regarding the task which usually we can't do throughout Singapore, we is planning to be shifting in order to our overseas yards," CEO Loh Chin Hua said. (Additional reporting simply by Rujun Shen and Saeed Azhar within SINGAPORE; Editing through Ryan Woo). The Particular ruling People's Motion Party suffered the biggest drop inside its talk about in the vote ever, damage simply by anxiety more than rising earnings inequality, higher housing expenses as well as overcrowding of public transport thanks for you to foreigners.Whether http://financialoutrage.org.uk the actual disgruntled continues to be adequately appeased is going to be recognized when Singaporeans go for the polls, expected from the local media to adopt place as early as subsequent month. That's the third of 2011. Yet instead the us government has slashed foreign labor quotas next concerns amongst several Singaporeans they are increasingly being cut out of the job market.

To avert the demographic crunch outlined in a government white paper with regards to 2 yrs ago, immigration would seem like a straightforward fix. Chua warned that private investment inside Singapore has been contracting for your past one 1/2 years.The government expects annual economic growth regarding 2-4 % until 2020, as well as growth associated with about three % in average, Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam mentioned throughout April, adding the forecast reflects any "new normal" in the economy. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong stated earlier this month "there aren't any simple choices" about managing immigrants and also foreign workers."There are usually trade-offs. Upon Sunday, Singapore will mark half a century of independence, as well as marvel from its leap from your third globe to the first. "OVERKILL"Immigrant restrictions accelerated following the 2011 general elections. The Actual little island-state - spanning just 50 kilometers (31 miles) from east in order to west - offers laid out plans pertaining to its economy to arise the value chain along with raise the productivity involving its workers. We have a great deal of foreign workers, the actual economy will do well, (but) we've additional social pressures, some other problems," Lee was quoted by the local Straits times newspaper as saying. Simply Because with regard to well more than 30 years, organizations within Singapore had allowed on their own in order to grow for you to be hooked on endless materials involving cheap, foreign labor," Victor Mills, chief executive in the Singapore International Chamber associated with Commerce, advised Reuters. Chua Hak Bin, head involving emerging Asia economics with regard to Bank involving America Merrill Lynch, mentioned the particular foreign labor restrictions might get reached a new point regarding as an "overkill"."There's some danger which businesses, rather than escalating investments for you to raise productivity, opting for not to make investments and not to flourish resident headcount," he said. "Is this painful? Yes, it is. the outcome: hiring will get tougher, firms transfer out and Singapore's miracle economy gazes in for you to a much less lustrous future.

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Inside 5 years, Singaporeans retiring will exceed those starting work. More Than the years, as Singapore industrialized along with transformed itself into a significant electronics producer and a global oil trading hub, demand for workers elevated and immigration rules were relaxed. the government expects economic growth to be less than half the particular 8 percent typical rate involving yesteryear 50 years, adding in which any shrinking workforce will challenge which forecast. Lee mentioned the us government will assess the foreign labor circumstance in the couple of years. The Actual curbs cut inflows regarding foreign workers in order to 26,000 last year, excluding domestic helpers


Wyoming Area High School's Tennis Courts Not Safe For Play - wnep.com

WEST PITTSTON -- The tennis courts at the Wyoming Area School District have seen better days. They're in such bad condition, that the district says they're too dangerous to play on. Now, school officials are scrambling to come up with a plan.

Becoming co-captains for Wyoming Area High School's girls tennis team has been a dream for Lauren Perry and Anna Thomas.  But instead of practicing on their school's own tennis courts, they're practicing at Pittston Area's Martin L. Mattei Intermediate School in Hughestown.

"It's great that Pittston is letting us use their courts, very, very nice and generous, but it would be nice to have a home advantage," Thomas said.

The Wyoming Area School District's architect deemed their home courts too dangerous to play on. The concrete courts on Boston Avenue in West Pittston are plagued with huge cracks, some starting at one court and ripping right through another.

"I mean, we want to see the team do good, but it's also kind of sentimental because, you know, we've been playing here for like three or four years, so we want to be able to play our home matches on our home courts," Perry said.

And it's not just the surface of the courts that's causing a concern for some of the athletes. The light posts may also be a danger. Some have actually fallen off at random.

"It's just not worth us putting any kids in jeopardy and the liability of the school district," said Joe Pizano, the Wyoming Area athletic director.

Wyoming Area school officials say they're working on a long-term solution to find a permanent home for the tennis team. But some athletes are hoping for the best as they prepare to play their home matches away from home.

"I would like to see the courts to be at least fixed temporarily," Thomas said.

"I just hope that people understand that this is like a community place, too. It's not just for Wyoming Area, so if the courts are closed, everybody's affected by it," Perry added.

School officials plan to meet with the Wyoming Area School board Wednesday to decide what should http://texastennisopen.com be done with the tennis courts.

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